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Lauren Kilisky

Mother, Coach, Doula & Photographer 

Hi sister! I'm glad you are here...

My own personal health journey brought me deep into the world of women's wellness. When I was 20 I was diagnosed with PCOS. This led me down the path of learning and practicing a holistic approach to my health. I have spent the last decade learning and mentoring women to help them feel their best physically, mentally, and spiritually. After experiencing 3 pregnancy losses I wondered if I would ever experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. In January 2020 I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy that I carried to full term. I became obsessed with birth and fascinated by the power and wisdom of our bodies! I gave birth to my daughter in October 2020 and knew I wanted to support other women in their journey to and through motherhood. Whether you are in the conception stages, experiencing loss, or currently pregnant I am here to support you. It takes a village and it would be an honor to be a part of yours. You were made for this! 


Motherhood & Beyond




I offer health & wellness coaching to help you feel your very best physically, mentally and spiritually. If you are in the conception or motherhood stages of your journey this is for you! This is also a service I offer to all women who want to simply feel better in their bodies. I have created an online community called the Wellness Collective to support women on their journey.


Capture each stage of your journey with photos you will treasure forever. I specialize in belly to birth photography. I offer maternity, birth and newborn photography with packages that include all three. You can also add photography onto my birth doula package.

Birth Doula

Every woman deserves birth support. I want you to remember your birth as the best day of your life however baby makes their way into this world. I believe birth is about so much more than a "healthy baby and healthy Mom". My goal is to help you achieve a meaningful and empowering birth experience. Birth is a right of passage into parenthood, as your Doula I will be there for you every step of the way providing emotional & physical support, advocating for your desires and helping you prepare for the journey ahead with education and evidence based information.



When doctors and nurses suggested medical interventions, Lauren promptly informed us about procedures, pros and cons, and other available options. She was a calming presence throughout the whole 30 hrs of labor and during the most challenging part of my labor she used guided imagery to comfort and center me. Lauren has a natural affinity for empowering women through their journey to motherhood. Her support of me as a Mother has been incredibly amazing and ceaseless. Lauren is an extraordinary doula and I could not have imagined this experience without her.

Brenda Sukul
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